Why BioFe

BioFe has been specifically engineered to protect the balance of the gut microbiome, providing a natural biologic form of iron as a Ferritin:Iron complex much like mothers milk for an infant. BioFe balances beneficial taxa of gut bacteria while decreasing presence of pathogenic taxa.

BioFe utilizes a mechanism for uptake in the body different than your run of the mill iron supplements. This uptake pathway mimics natural iron absorption and has none of the GI side effects current market iron supplements have.

No inflammation occurs when using BioFe.

There is a huge unmet need in the Iron Deficiency market that BioFe is here to fill.Up to 50% of patients experience GI distress in response to their iron supplements. Swelling from gut bacteria imbalances and free iron molecules prevent the supplement from being properly absorbed and forming complexes our body needs to function.

BioFe is already in these complexes upon ingestion, so it moves through the body without inflammation to get to the organs that need it. 

The Product

Certifications, Studies, and Grants

  • GRAS certified (self-declared)
  • American Journal of Food and Nutrition Study
    • Found safe and effective in animal models
    • Ingestion of this complex facilitated a safe and effective recovery from IDA 
  • National Institute of Health BioFe Mechanism of Action for the Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia Grant Awardee
  • NIH Novel Medical Food for the Management of Iron Deficiency Anemia Grant Awardee


"Before I started the study I struggled on a regular basis to find the energy to do daily tasks, to stay awake and focus. I just felt exhausted all day and washed out.  While taking BioFe I felt like I could keep going all day, I had energy to do the daily tasks and then some." 

– BioFe Study Participant

"This proposed nutritional supplement... may represent a novel therapy to ameliorate iron deficiency. Strengths mentioned include the strong investigators with extensive experience on drug development, the innovative approach of using nutritional yeast to express FTH1 and deliver H-ferritin as a medical food."

– NIH Peer Reviewer

  "BioFe is  a game-changer and expected to have a powerful and sustained influence on the global health problem of iron deficiency and anemia." 

– NIH Peer Reviewer