Sidero owns and develops the patented Siderosorb technology platform utilizing Baker’s Yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, to deliver therapeutic proteins/complexes directly to the gastrointestinal tract in order to ameliorate human disease. BioFe is not a drug, but a medical food with complexes that are naturally found in mothers breast milk.

How it Works

Yeast is a widely used molecular genetic research tool, that can be manipulated to produce specific outcomes. With BioFe, an iron-producing gene is inserted into yeast genome to produce H-ferritin complexes that is put in pills. The resulting product is a combination of nutritional yeast and the iron complex (H-ferritin), which is found in mothers' breast milk. H-ferritin is a different complex than other iron supplements so absorption is not hindered by inflammation that other supplements cause. BioFe is naturally vegan and dairy-free.

The H-ferritin complex is different from iron salt supplements as it mimics natural ways of iron absorption and utilizes a different uptake pathway. This alternative pathway reduces chances of inflammation and ensures your organs benefit from all the iron you ingest.