The H-ferritin complex is different from iron salt supplements. Iron salts absorb through the divalent metal transport pathway, competing with other metals to access organs. This pathway loses most of the ingested iron before it gets to the organs and is blocked by inflammation the iron salts can cause. BioFe, on the other hand, absorbs through the pathway we received nutrients from as babies. This alternative pathway reduces chances of inflammation and ensures your organs benefit from all the iron you ingest.


Sidero owns the patented Siderosorb technology platform, utilizing nutritional Yeast to deliver therapeutic proteins/complexes directly to the gastrointestinal tract. BioFe is not a drug, but a medical food and natural iron complex identical to that found in mothers breast milk. This means iron is absorbed more effectively than market iron supplements and less iron needs to be ingested to manage iron deficiency. BioFe is cheaper and more effective, making it the best treatment for Iron Deficiency on the market today.

How it Works

Yeast, or Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is a widely used nutritional product that can be manipulated to produce specific outcomes. With BioFe, an iron-producing gene is inserted into the yeast genome to produce iron complexes.  The resulting product is a combination of nutritional yeast and the iron complex (H-ferritin). H-ferritin is a different complex than other iron supplements and uses a different absorption pathway. This means that iron uptake is not blocked by inflammation like other supplements. BioFe is naturally vegan and dairy-free.