Iron supplement



Sidero Biosciences creates a natural iron complex that is absorbed more efficiently and with fewer side effects than current-market iron supplements.

The Company

Sidero Biosciences, LLC (Sidero) is dedicated to providing a safe, effective, and economical iron therapy to alleviate iron deficiency for all peoples of the world.  Sidero is a clinical stage biotechnology company advancing technologies that target human nutritional health. Our technologies utilize the SideroSorb platform to orally deliver beneficial iron complexes that ameliorate human disease.

 Our latest innovation, BioFe, is a natural iron complex that targets iron deficiencies through a unique and superior uptake mechanism. This mechanism mimics the body's natural pathway as found when transporting iron through the umbilical cord and breast feeding. This pathways minimizes GI distress other iron supplements tend to produce. 

Sidero is poised to rapidly advance a market launch with BioFe.